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takes me back! still amazing as ever! thank you.

fantastic, really good job.
as a huge MG and solid snake fan. i dont recall any of this events. but its better than MGS4GOTP story line.

Hiedoeo Kojima should contact you for the next MGS game and have you write it.
great graphics amazing voice acting and unrelated materials. but very well put together.

sound effects are precise and on time and just outstanding.
love your sense of humor. and really got me laughing my ass off, "still putting it back together."
cant wait to see your next projects.

outstanding over all.

lazaromartinez3d responds:

Thanks! Glad that you liked it!
I might have added some jokes of mine here and there, but I must totally thank Ravi Singh for his writting, Dwayne Billie, Peter Chiconas and Brian Dehut for their great voice acting, and Terry Wolfe and Erim Bilgin for parts I & II
This was done over the course of one year, so I don't know if we will be making any more of these, but if we did, I'd be more than glad to animate Snake's adventures once more... and eat more Twix ;)

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you must be on acid or speed to be able to put this puzzle together.

alright game but...

you need to fix a bug.
if you hold the space bar, it would keep shooting a line.
so please try to reconfigure the space bar respond time.

other than that bug, i enjoyed the game.

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love the track.

lol, am licking this.
just need some better lyrics. and dude you rock.

Blue-Cheese responds:

thanks buddy! :D

not bad

nice and keep making more audio.


cool remix. you should do more ....
also this one is one of my fav. ones ever.....

Crossofdevil responds:

Yes me to i really like that song i made it a lot deeper to.

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one of my fav scenes in the animatrix, i love every details you've added and the colors are magnificent. i especially like the feeling of how this image is moving fast, then it slowed down in my mind. it feels so alive.

great work, love everything about it.

"Mars Attack"
fantastic work, great colors and details.
would love to see you do more work from this movie.

i like this

its a good hand drawn piece, i love it.
the eye is just so beautiful. i love the hair and the rest.

hope you draw more.

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