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one of my fav scenes in the animatrix, i love every details you've added and the colors are magnificent. i especially like the feeling of how this image is moving fast, then it slowed down in my mind. it feels so alive.

great work, love everything about it.

i like this

its a good hand drawn piece, i love it.
the eye is just so beautiful. i love the hair and the rest.

hope you draw more.

i like this type of work...

this would be one of my favorite art if you finished drawing the whole hand and fingers etc...

also, i love the monochromatic look, its great but an idea for you to consider is adding one color... for example in this picture... add red (dark and light red) to resemble the blood from the wound and make sure to have enough red for the illusion..

i like your other work and i enjoyed the teeth/fang monster drawing.


freaky, weird and complicated...
i see the feather's hanging from his arms (portraying wings) and the other parts to accomplish the birds illusion, what i dont understand is why???
why create something that gives you a headache, please dont take this the wrong way, i see you got talent and the equipment (the tablet) to cerate great work but you lack ideas, thoughts, and would create better art drawings if you put more time in coming up with something... try to draw something that would relate to circus freaks and freak shows... i think you would find few good ideas there...


great homeless fish out of water drawing.
i love the color and background, but i dont get the trees in the top left?
the sign is also cool, great if your on something...

love your work, would love to see more.

redinis responds:

Yeah thank you :) and yeah but the trees are to say that the fish is realy out of the water you know. and im not on something :P imagine if i was!


you have such an awesome skill.

too bad your wasting it on this kind of comix.

please dont get me wrong, i love your art, you have a talent for it and a very impressive color, shading, physical form and outstanding backgrounds (in most of your work). but this story is just, lame .

i would love to give you some ideas for short story comix or just a story line (if you like, and also in the NG writers forum too) and i know you would do just fine portraying the story through your art.

also, here is something that you should look up (utena) its an animation series with similar setting to your art, but the story is impressive, i hope it can help you with improving your art ideas, setting and story.

Fifty-50 responds:

I agree with you completely. I really need fresh ideas. I'll have to admit my ideas are usually generic, which I kind of despise myself. This is actually a parody of the comic of the user below. So yeah, my idea wasn't "totally original" from the beginning lol. This is more of a troll comic.

And I must thank you for taking your time to review this cover. I appreciate the reference. I'll go look up Utena now.

dark humor.

this is one nightmare every one of us had as a child or will have after seeing this art work. i love the darkness, the evil red glow through the door with horrific eyes and smile, the claws and teeth are just well drawn on such an aphotic prospective on an evil merciless creature. your choice of color is a bullseye, you chose three colors and they are just right for this type of setting.

i gave it a 9 for the fact that you took a simple concept of a nightmare, gave it a cleaver name and put it on paper...

the title "The uninvited" is well thought of and carry's so many meanings, in my perspective "The uninvited" means someone who raids you dreams and your mind, someone who is unwelcome but you have no control over its presence...

great job...

YannuNG responds:

Thanks, and you understood it totally !


this is outstanding.
i love the form, the shape and the background.
the rose is just right and everything is well put together. the color is well shaded and properly placed, over all, its beautiful and i wouldn't change a thing.

thanks so much for the art, you rock.

amyrenee responds:

Thank you! I am glad that you like it so much. :D

how evil...

i love this dark side of the safe little bedroom.
this is so evil, i love it, i do have a de javu from Fallout 3. thruogh out this whole thing, the dark humor is present and effective.

i gave it a 4 rating for the color, idea and dark side comedy/tragedy in you art.
over all, i love the work and its amazing.


good stuff, the one thing i would like to point out is the left cheek, the nose to cheek ratio is a bit off, but this is something that will improve with time and more practice,

i voted a 4 since this is something very detailed, you paid good attention to details.
also, work a bit better on the hair.

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